We view the relationship between our clients, portfolio companies and employees as a partnership. We work with management teams that we believe will be good stewards of our clients' capital and we seek to ensure that the objectives of our employees and portfolio companies are consistent with the goals of our investment partners.


We seek to avoid conflicts of interests by aligning the interests of our investment partners with our investment team and our portfolio company management teams. We attempt to do this by identifying management teams that we believe are focused on creating economic value and managing risks. In addition, our own incentives are tied to preserving capital and generating attractive long-term returns. Our alignment is reinforced by our own investments in the strategy.


We strive to operate under the highest ethical standards. We expect the same of our portfolio companies, particularly as it relates to corporate governance and their handling of health, safety, and environmental issues. We are not willing to sacrifice the reputation of our partners or our firm for short-term gains.


We let facts drive our decision-making process and embrace opportunities to hear different perspectives as a means to improve as investors and business partners. We work in teams to reduce bias and increase productive tension. We promote a culture of open debate, focused on assumptions, not outcomes or individuals. We are candid, curious and supportive.


We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our areas of responsibility. Anything more, or less, than 100% accountability reduces our effectiveness as individuals and as a team. We are transparent about our investment results and the drivers of returns, both good and bad.